Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sweet Potato, Black Bean, Spinach Creole with Shrimp

Sweet Potato, Black Bean, Spinach Creole with Shrimp
Ever since I discovered great quality frozen foods, I've been able to spend less time in the kitchen preparing a healthy meal for my family. It's especially handy when I don't really have the time to spend cooking.

Some of my favorite frozen foods include a variety of cut vegetables, such as sweet potatoes and spinach. One of my desired healthy brands is Stahlbush Island Farms.

 Stahlbush Island Farms Sweet Potatoes       Stahlbush Island Farms Cut Spinach

 Trader Joe's Organic Black Beans
I also like to use organic canned legumes, such as black beans, red kidney beans, pinto beans, and other bean varieties. Trader Joe's offers a variety of organic canned beans at a great price. I highly recommend their canned and frozen foods.

What really can complete the flavor of the meal is how you season it. I find that most seasonings available in the market have added salts, or other ingredients that take away from the actual flavor of the herbs. One of the healthier seasonings I recommend using, and one that I use regularly, is the Bragg Organic Sea Kelp Delight Seasoning. It's the perfect balance of spices, and the added Kelp is a healthy and nutritional alternative to salt. Another favorite seasoning I like to use is Old Bay Seasoning. It's a seasoning product that has been around for years, and provides the perfect balance of herbs and spices all blended together. It's great with all types of meats, fish, chicken, and vegetables. I probably use this product as much as I use the Bragg seasoning. It's that good!

 Bragg Organic Sea Kelp Delight Seasoning  Old Bay Seasoning

Once the kitchen is stocked with great frozen vegetables and healthy prepared foods, as well as organic canned goods, and healthy spices, it's time to cook!

Recently I discovered a delicious organic simmer sauce for creole. The brand is Imagine Foods, and the sauce is Imagine Culinary Simmer Sauce, Louisiana Creole. I decided to create my own version of creole, but used this tasty sauce to create the creole flavor. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to prepare, including stove-top cook time, and my family loved it! Here's the recipe:

Sweet Potato, Black Bean, Spinach Creole with Shrimp
(Serves 4 to 6)

1 bag wild caught, cooked frozen shrimp (tails off)*
1 cup frozen cut sweet potatoes
1 can organic black beans (drained)
2-3 cups organic frozen prepared or freshly prepared rice
Old Bay Seasoning (to taste)
Bragg Organic Herbs And Spices Seasoning - Sea Kelp (to taste)
2-3 cups frozen or fresh cut spinach
1 pouch Imagine Culinary Simmer Sauce, Louisiana Creole
1 T coconut oil
1 T coconut spread or ghee

Place coconut oil in a large pan, and place over medium heat to melt. Add the shrimp and sweet potatoes. Add spices and spread. Stir and heat till warmed. Add black beans, then stir and heat some more. Add rice, then stir and heat till rice begins to warm. Add sauce and spinach. Stir occasionally and heat until fully heated. Add additional spices as desired. Once food reaches desired temperature for serving, remove from heat. Place into serving bowls. Creole is ready to eat. Enjoy!

*Variations: Use tofu, chicken, or double the black beans, in place of the shrimp.

Quick and Easy, One-Pan Meal

Sweet Potato, Black Bean, Spinach Creole with Shrimp

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